Battleship Oklahoma BB-37


by Jeff Phister with Thomas Hone and Paul Goodyear

On a quiet Sunday morning in 1941, the USS Oklahoma, a ship designed to keep the peace, was attacked without warning. Nearly a third of her crew would perish in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that fateful December 7th. This book tells the remarkable story of a battleship, its brave crew, and how their lives were intertwined.

Jeff Phister and his coauthors have written the comprehensive history of the USS Oklahoma from its christening in 1914 to its final loss in 1947. Located near the center of the Japanese assault path on December 7, 1941, the Oklahoma's port side was struck by at least eight torpedoes. The ship capsized in less than twelve minutes with more than four hundred crewman trapped inside. Phister weaves the personal narratives of surviving crewman with the necessary technical information to recreate the attack and demonstrate the full scope of its devastation.

Raised after the attack, the Oklahoma sank again while being towed stateside and now rests on the ocean floor, 540 miles northeast of Oahu. Battleship Oklahoma: BB-37 tells the complete story of a proud ship and her fall through the eyes of those who survived her loss.

Soft cover. 256 pages. Includes black and white archive photographs and diagrams. Includes list of Commanding Officers and dates of service, Medal Citations for December 7, 1941, and the crew roster for December 7, 1941.

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