Pearl Harbor Survivor Back to Hawaii for Dec. 7th Ceremony!

By: Bruce D.

UPDATE (11/18/2015): Thank you to everyone who supported the efforts to bring John Seelie, an incredible Pearl Harbor Survivor back to Hawaii for the 74th Anniversary. He has received all of the necessary funding including a large donation from Manhattan Building Company of Naples, FL and first class flights from American Airlines.

Funding Pearl Harbor Survivor Back to Hawaii John Seelie, Pearl Harbor Survivor


John Seelie was a 19-year-old soldier stationed at Schofield Barracks on the morning of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Today, he’s 93.

There are very few remaining survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack and even fewer who can make the trip to Pearl Harbor to mark the 74th anniversary of the attack. Mr. Seelie is physically able to make the trip, but the funding to make it possible was denied, and time is running out to raise the necessary funds. Please join us in helping John Seelie make this trip by donating to his GoFundMe campaign.

About Pearl Harbor Survivor John Seelie

Have you ever seen the movie From Here to Eternity? If not, you should make time to watch this excellent film. It is about a great boxer who was stationed at Schofield Barracks at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The boxer was there when the attack happened and saw the Japanese Zeros flying low to strafe the planes on the runway at Wheeler Army Airfield. The men were outraged, and wanted to fight back. They grabbed their rifles, but the ammunition they needed was locked up. The Sergeant refused to open the lock, so the men broke down the door and began firing at the low-flying Japanese planes.

There is a great deal of historical accuracy in this movie. John Seelie was a great boxer stationed at Schofield. He saw the planes strafing Wheeler Airfield and broke down the door to get to the ammunition.

The rest of John Seelie’s story is different from that of the character in From Here to Eternity. The real-life John Seelie went on to fight in Guadalcanal and helped win that battle for the Allies.

This veteran Pearl Harbor Survivor needs your help to return to Hawaii to commemorate a day that changed his life—and the world—forever.

John Seelie Go Fund Me Campaign

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John Seelie

John Seelie saluting before departing for Pearl Harbor Day Ceremonies in 2014

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