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The Punchbowl Crater: Beyond the Cemetery

By: Kellar Ellsworth

As one of the most notable landmarks of the island of Oahu, a visit to Punchbowl National Cemetery is an incredible journey through time. Most notably, you’re brought back through… Read More

How Much Time Should I Expect to Spend at Pearl Harbor?

By: Mark Loproto

Every vacation comes with certain time constraints, so it's important to plan each day accordingly. You may be looking at your Hawaiian vacation itinerary and wondering when you can squeeze… Read More

Pearl Harbor by the Numbers

By: Mark Loproto

Sometimes it’s difficult to get a true feel for the scope of an event without concrete numbers to back up the information and make it come to life. You already… Read More

Is Pearl Harbor Worth a Repeat Visit?

By: Mark Loproto

There are many places around the world that honestly aren’t worth putting the time, money, and effort into seeing more than one time. Then there are those that absolutely warrant… Read More

Lesser-Known Facts About USS Missouri

By: Mark Loproto

A tour of the Battleship Missouri at Pearl Harbor brings with it an abundance of information. While schools teach the main events of World War II, it’s unlikely that the… Read More

Elvis’ Fundraiser Performance in Honolulu for the Arizona Memorial

By: Bruce Danforth

Shortly after eight o’clock in the morning on December 7, 1941, an armor-piercing bomb struck the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor and caused the nearly-instantaneous loss of more than a thousand… Read More

History of the USS Missouri

By: J. Owen

One of the most famous warships of the US Navy, also known as “Mighty Mo” has left her mark in military and national history of the United States in the… Read More

What Is the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Circle?

By: Mark Loproto

There are many sites and exhibits to see when you visit Pearl Harbor. From the moment you arrive at the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, you’re… Read More

Ships of Pearl Harbor: USS Phoenix

By: Mark Loproto

Named in honor of Arizona’s capital city, the light cruiser USS Phoenix (CL-46) was launched in March of 1938 and commissioned into the US Navy on October 3. Her initial… Read More

Organizing Your Visit to Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

You're coming to Hawaii, and near the top of your list of things to do while you're here is a visit to Pearl Harbor. There's a lot to see at… Read More

Even More Pearl Harbor Facts

By: Mark Loproto

When it comes to the most important events in history, there are typically little tidbits of information not readily known, sometimes even by those who were involved in the event.… Read More

The First American Casualty of Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

The first casualties of the attack on Pearl Harbor happened a couple of hours before the Imperial Japanese Navy launched their surprise assault. The US Navy destroyer USS Ward (DD-139)… Read More

Beyond Pearl Harbor: Other Oahu Activities

By: Mark Loproto

A trip to Oahu isn’t complete without a visit to the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument to explore the history of Pearl Harbor. The devastating surprise… Read More

Heroes of the Harbor: Doris Miller

By: Joe Hyeon

The First U.S. Hero of World War II When the first Japanese bomber entered Hawaiian territory on December 7th, 1941, very few people probably stopped and thought about how they… Read More

Declarations of War After Pearl Harbor

By: Mark Loproto

Prior to the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the battlegrounds of World War II were clear. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy were the main aggressors in… Read More

Hero and Remembrance Run, Walk or Roll Event Honors the Fallen

By: Joe Hyeon

Last year, thousands of runners joined together to honor service members who have fallen since 9/11. Known as the Hero and Remembrance Run, this event spans eight kilometers. Whether individuals… Read More

The Fate of the USS Arizona Band

By: Mark Loproto

On December 7th, 1941, on the coast of Oahu, those stationed at the naval installation of Pearl Harbor were unaware that they would soon become a part of history. Just before… Read More

Ships of Pearl Harbor: USS Raleigh

By: Mark Loproto

The USS Utah (AG-16), originally commissioned as a battleship designated (BB-31), had long been demilitarized and used as a target ship. Unarmed, she posed no threat, a fact the leaders… Read More

Technology of R/V Petrel Aids in Major Discoveries

By: Mark Loproto

If you’ve been following the many discoveries of the R/V Petrel expeditions, you likely have given some thought to the type of equipment used by the pioneering researchers. Founded—and funded—by the… Read More

Hop Aboard the Waikiki Trolley!

By: Mark Loproto

There are many ways to get around on the beautiful island of Oahu, but the Waikiki Trolley is without a doubt the most scenic. The Waikiki Trolley operates several different… Read More

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